Peer-to-peer serverless infrastructure, powered by blockchain technology and built using the spare capacity all around us.

The Future of the Cloud Is Edge.

How It Works
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What Is Edge Networking?

Edge networking is a distributed computing paradigm which brings data storage and computation as close to the point of need as possible, pushing applications, data and computing power away from centralized data centers.

This reduces the volumes of data that must be moved, the consequent traffic, and the distance the data must travel, providing lower latency and reduced transmission costs.

The Edge Paradigm
Owned by everyone [icon]

Owned by Everyone

Anyone can contribute to the Edge, and benefit from its use.

Faster and cheaper icon

Faster and Cheaper

Edge offers improved efficiency and performance, saving up to 90% compared with traditional cloud services.

Environmentally friendly icon

Environmentally Friendly

Edge is built using spare capacity from devices already in the home & office, reducing the carbon footprint of the net.

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Truly Global Reach

Network coverage in 60 countries and counting.

Winner Best Edge Computing Platform Technology & Innovation Awards
Presented by Juniper Research


Content Delivery

High performance content delivery with a built in image pipeline and just-in-time media processing. Gets your content closer to your end users than any other CDN.

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Content Delivery


Edge Compute Units

Like a virtual machine, but hyper localized. The containerised application layer on the Edge enables you to deploy your applications like never before, with a real-time distribution matrix that automatically deploys and scales, based on demand.

Edge dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources, and pricing is based on the actual amount of resources consumed by your app.

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Edge Compute Units


Edge Storage

Long-term object storage. Edge storage distributes your files over thousands of devices, providing an unmatched level of security and redundancy. Accessible and addressable by your applications in the network.

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Edge Storage

Short Term Storage

Edge Cache

Short term object caching. Edge caching acts like a CDN, providing a high performance delivery solution for the offsetting of load. Cached objects follow user demand in real time, delivering within a users local network for the fastest possible response time.

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Edge Cache


Edge DNS

Edge DNS is just like normal DNS, but faster and with a far greater level of control. Edge DNS is topographically and geographically aware, enabling the direct addressing of the Edge network. And because it is hyper-distributed, it's faster too.

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Edge DNS
Edge devices

Be a Part of the Edge

Contribute Your Spare Capacity to the Edge

Anyone with a laptop, mobile or any connected device can earn $EDGE tokens by providing spare computational and storage capacity to the network. $EDGE tokens can be traded for Edge services, or converted into dollars, pounds or euros.

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Winner Best Edge Computing Platform Technology & Innovation Awards
Presented by Juniper Research