A lightweight, RSMQ-powered asynchronous task queue featuring simple task routing and throttling.

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Q4 2019
  • Super-fast async task processing
  • Broker for queue management and routing
  • Worker framework for processing messages
  • Optional throttling to avoid congestion
  • Scheduled processing to defer specific messages

More features

What is Queue?

DADI Queue makes asynchronous task processing easy. It features a broker for queue management and routing, and a worker framework for processing messages. Being powered by RSMQ means it only needs a simple Redis instance to work.

Queue has support for optional throttling to avoid congestion, as well as the ability to defer specific messages with scheduled processing. Interacting with Queue is as easy as using @dadi/queue-wrapper, but you an also use libraries such as rsmq-cli and rest-rsmq.

Screenshot of product

Example applications of Queue.

Full features

Powered by Redis

As messages are stored in a Redis queue, all you need is a simple Redis instance to get started.

Super-fast async task processing

Broker for queue management and routing, and a worker framework for processing messages.

Throttling support

Avoid congestion with optional throttling.

Flexible logging

Queue uses @dadi/logger to provide flexible logging support.

Robust error handling

Quickly debug issues in a production environment.

Lightweight, high-performance

Queue provides high throughput and low latency by using Redis, a battle proven service.

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